Taco Belle

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The opening of the first Taco Bell in The Netherlands is, in my opinion, the best thing that has happened in 2017 so far. The restaurant opened in the city of Eindhoven on April 4th and I, admittedly, have yet to pay a visit. I unfortunately haven’t found the time for a 1-hour train trip to Eindhoven with the mere goal of getting a taco just yet. However, I will definitely find some time to do so once summer is here.

Until then, Ariskea and The Den will continue to remind me to get tacos with the “Eat More Tacos”-pillow that is part of their latest collaboration. The full set consists out of a mix of inspirational prints and food recommendations, which are certainly inspirational too. I combined the set with a few pieces of Fancy Decor‘s release at the FaMESHed anniversary round, which I highly advise you to visit if you haven’t yet.


May seems to be the month of anniversaries as ULTRA also just opened its anniversary round on May 15th. I am wearing MINA‘s ULTRA exclusive and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Grab a SLurl to ULTRA here and drop by before the event closes on June 15th.

Hair: MINA Hair – Shelley | ULTRA *
Collar: #Foxy – Suede Wrap Choker ‘Mocha’ Gold *
Dress: {amiable}Off-shoulder Lace-top One-piece | The Chapter Four *
Head: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 *
Head applier: The Sugar Garden – Jojo Applier D Tone *
Lipstick: The Sugar Garden – Jojo Lips Omega Applier – Cherry *
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Ardor Eyes – Amber *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.0

Ariskea[Frank]  Leather Chair  [GA] | TMD *
Ariskea[Frank]  Wood  table | TMD *
Ariskea[Frank]  Vases | TMD *
Ariskea[Frank]  Little Marble Bush | TMD *
Ariskea[Frank]  Create your own Future Frame | TMD *
Ariskea[Frank]  Motivation Frame | TMD *
Ariskea[Frank]  Road Frame | TMD *
Fancy Decor: Davis Long Panel | FaMESHed *
Fancy Decor: Davis Fence Window | FaMESHed *
Fancy Decor: Davis Planter | FaMESHed *
Fancy Decor: Davis Sconce | FaMESHed *
[ keke ] snow drops in bottle – group
[ keke ] tea lights – small random
[ keke ] still falling bulb
Raindale ~ Duskburgh tarot book *
Raindale ~ Duskburgh tarot cards *
Raindale ~ Woodland stump (with pillow) *
Raindale ~ Maylett candles *

Other items:
Serenity Style– Rainy Day Books *
Serenity Style– Rainy Day Letters *
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neo Victorian Sofa White PG *
unKindness – Inspiration Mirror *
Peaches N’ Cream – CESP – Pillow Fight – Plain *
JIAN PeeWee Puffs :: Blankey Puffs RARE

Event dates
ULTRA | May 15 – June 15
The Chapter Four | May 4 – 21
TMD | May 5 – 31
FaMESHed | May 1 – 27


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Mossu is a new brand founded by Akirakiyoi, one of the previous co-owners of Fawny. The new brand will be focusing on sexy, luxury apparel. Mossu premiered its first sexy release at the current round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The set includes a full outfit and various accessories, all of which are available in a different colours. I combined the set with a few items that were previously released at Fantasy Faire to add the finishing fantasy touches. Scroll down to the credits to see everything I’m wearing and happy shopping, everyone!


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Raven (F) Mesh Hair – A *
Horns: Mossu – Seductive.Horns – Black | Fantasy Gacha Carnival *
Top: Mossu – Seductive.Top – RARE | Fantasy Gacha Carnival *
Bottom: Mossu – Seductive.Bottom – RARE | Fantasy Gacha Carnival *
Arms: Abstract Soul + FETCH Psyrachnid Arms
Head: Genesis Lab – Sofie 3.2 *
Head applier: Genesis Lab – Skin Paola Cream *
Lipstick: Genesis Lab – HD Lipstick Applier 3.0 LONG-WEAR *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.0

Plastik – Carved Candle Light *
Plastik – Luna Hanger *
Plastik – Art Canvas Print:// Goddess *
Plastik – Pyra Decor RARE *
Plastik – Rusted Aloe Hanger *
Plastik – Cresce Planter:// Light *
Plastik – Mohma Cloche (Candles) *
Plastik – Crow Hourglass:// Gold *
Plastik – Zenne Decor RARE *
Plastik – Rholite Succulents *
Plastik – Trappe Shelves w/Clutter RARE *
Abstract Soul – Bloodletter’s Halo (White) | Memento Mori *
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizards Table – RARE *

Event dates
Fantasy Gacha Carnival | May 7 – 20
Memento Mori | April 29 – May 27