Not Too Shabby

I never thought I would do one of these, a blog post. To be honest I was quite scared to do it too. “What if it’s not good enough? What if I am not the same level as even the average blogger?”, I thought. But then I just said screw it and asked myself, “do you have fun taking and editing pictures?” – “do you like second life fashion?” and “since when do you have to satisfy others to satisfy yourself?“.

The last question is something I’ve asked myself a lot of times recently. I’ve noticed that sometimes I don’t feel like vlogging because I feel as if my content won’t satisfy the viewer or the designer, while in reality I should be satisfied with my work. Because how can anyone like what you do, if even you can’t like it yourself? Some people see it the other way around but I try to not think like that, it’d keep me from doing the things I love and if I’d take it a step further, it would keep me from living the life I want to live.
I shouldn’t complain though. I get enough positive feedback to keep me motivated and kick myself right back up my vlogging feet when it’s needed.

I’ve noticed that besides the situational demotivation and dissatisfactions, time is also my enemy. I’ll tell you why with some numbers…
Preparing a vlog usually takes 1-2 hours (creating outfit, writing notes etc.)
Recording a vlog usually takes about 5-10 minutes more than the actual video for me, I tend to cut out some rambling.
Editing a vlog usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour or two depending on how long the video is.
Afterwards I have to take pictures and edit those too which takes about an hour to an hour and a half for one picture or two hours for two pictures (event vlogs).
Publishing is the final step, this takes about 30 minutes. This process includes uploading the video to YouTube, wordpress, flickr etc. (also includes writing the description, blog post & looking for landmarks)
And finally I spend about 10-15 minutes on second life sending out notices and filling in blogger reports.

That is already several hours to a full day or spreading the work over a few days of vlogging. Trust me when I tell  you that I don’t think blogging is an easy and quick job either, it is not and I know that. But I feel like I do both jobs sometimes as I practically do everything a blogger has to do plus creating a video for each post. But let’s not go there, let’s not start comparing these two things as if they are so much alike because to me they are two different worlds, two worlds that can admire one another but can’t be one another.

I even ramble on a blog, now that is impressive ain’t it?
Alright, let’s start talking fashion.

I’ll re-add the pictures here so you won’t have to scroll up again (you’re welcome, wink).

To all of you full

N-Uno had originally brought out the Mila outfit with cut off sleeves and capri jeans for The Chapter Four event which opened from december 13th till the 21st. But don’t you worry now. You can still get this shabby-cool (yep I made that up right on the spot) at the N-Uno marketplace store. I styled this “shabby-cool” look with a pair of wedges from Entice which are currently also available for 55L only during their extended 55L Thursday sale. They’ll be on sale, together with a lot of other beautiful goodies, until Wednesday dec. 30th.

To All Of You

Finally I’d like to mention that 7 Deadly s{K}ins is having its last days of the advent calandar and also an apology that I haven’t mentioned the advent earlier in my vlogs. If you missed out on this, you missed out big time. But no worries, you can still get the previous 27 skins, gifts and/or additional goodies  for the good price of 75L each.
Besides the (7) deadly gifts, we’ve also been spoilt with tons of new releases this month including this one, Ashley.
Ashley comes in 3 different versions, of which I am currently using number 2. She’s also available in 3 different tones; apricot (which I am using), pineapple and chestnut.

So that’s it for this first blog post. I’ll admit it was harder than it seemed, but also a lot more fun. I’ll keep it shorter next time, if there is gonna be a next time, promise.

*Hair: Besom – Hair Fair 2015
*Outfit: N-Uno – Mila Outfit
*Shoes: Entice – Lay Down Sally Wedges (Browns)
*Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -Ashley v2 apricot
*Eyeliner: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – NOELLIA eyeliner 01 (advent gift)
*Eyes: IKON – Charm Eyes Industrial

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