Let It Snow

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Let It Snow was one of my favorite winter locations for this year. Not only did I snap a lot of pictures there (including this one) but I also had a lot of winterry fun with my friends.

Because I am very lame and geeky I was looking for a matching outfit. And the Hollie outfit from EccentriciXi was exactly what I was looking for. Due to the cold winter weather I matched it up with a pair of high boots from SHEY to compensate for the short, but adorable, skirt.

Entice has also been bringing out December proof apparel including the Cold As Ice outfit. The outfit comes with a pair of matching boots which I have mentioned before in this vlog.
It wasn’t until later that I noticed that they had a “Let It Snow” outfit/boots too, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap a picture of that either. I’ve styled the outfit with a pair of cozy boots from Loordes of London and the subscriber gift from Truth.

To finish this look off I used two different HUSH skins, both as smooth and soft as snow itself and yes that is a good thing.

I have actually done a full video review of the left skin, Amber2 on my channel. You can watch it for a closer view of the skin and I will also go over everything that comes with the pack.

I also have a full HUSH Skins review playlist if you want to see another one of their gorgeous skins in full detail. I will only be doing these for their new releases from now on.

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Louisa
*Outfit: Entice – Cold As Ice Outfit – Light2
*Shoes: Loordes of London – The Duality Boots #4 A
*Skin: [HUSH] – Teagan – Makeup1 – Latte
Eyes: IKON – Triumph Eyes – Moor
Hair: Blues. – Crystal – Essentials
*Outfit: ~EccentriciXi~ – Outfit Hollie Let it Snow (MP)
*Shoes: SHEY – Octavia Boot
*Skin: [HUSH] – Amber2 – Makeup3 – Vanilla
Eyes: IKON – Triumph Eyes – Moor

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