Updates (04/02/2016)

Even though my real life has become even a bigger mess during January, I am officially back from my break. However, I will have to make some changes to make sure I’ll still be able to vlog, despite my real life mess, and enjoy doing it too.

I’ve noticed that during the end of the year I gradually started enjoying vlogging less and less. I spent too much time working on my vlogs and became completely frustrated when things still didn’t go as well as planned. I simply wasn’t happy with me or my work. Fortunately I’ve had a lot of time to think about what to do and how to have more fun with vlogging again. This is what I came up with.

Shorter vlogs
As I have to re-record most of my vlogs several times, I can’t be asked to do a 20-30 minute vlog. It’s rather frustrating and irritating to re-record a 20-30 minute vlog 1-4 times (you can do the maths) and takes away a lot of the fun I used to have with my simpler vlogs. Plus, watching a 20-30 minute vlog about one outfit wouldn’t be very interesting for the viewer either. So I have decided to keep my vlogs a bit shorter for both me and my viewers sake. I hope this won’t cause a loss of quality or content. I still wanna try my best to keep my vlogs detailled yet fun, just in the briefest way possible.

From February on I’ll be featuring something new in my vlogs; decor!
I’ll be doing a quick spin around the room after reviewing my outfit, mentioning a few of the items (not all of them). I will most likely display one full furniture set in each vlog and add a few single items from different sets and stores as well. You will find ALL of the credits (incl. the things I didn’t mention) in the video description. All landmarks will be redirected to either the mainstore or, if it’s an exclusive, to the event. Older/yardsale items will be redirected to the mainstore too. If I’m missing an item in my credits please tell me so I can add it asap.

I’ve literally had so many comments about supposedly skipping accessoires whereas anyone who would fully watch my vlog would know that I review my accessoires at the end, just before I review skins/make-up. However, to prevent any more confusion I have decided to review my accessoires throughout the outfit instead of waiting to review it until I finished reviewing the clothes.

If you are still confused about a certain change within my vlog that hasn’t been listed above, please contact me asap so I can answer your question(s) and add the explanation on here as well to prevent any more confusion.

Thank you so much for all of your support love in 2015, let’s make this an awesome year!

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