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What time is it? Time to be enchanted! This round of Enchantment is all about the smallest cutie within the fairytale world: Thumbelina!

[Black Tulip] Thumblelina – Mirror @ Enchantment

3 thoughts on “Thumbelina

  1. I recognize that dress! In fact, I think I may have “accidentally” gotten inside of it once or a dozen times. I swear, everything saucy and cheeky that happens is totally your fault! I’m just an innocent bystander! =^_^=

    Thank you for TP’ing on my head, breaking my Sexytimes Bubble Dome of Boobies & Win, and making me plummet to my almost-death. I love you, crazy-daisy sweetpea! ♥

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    1. Shush you totally wanted to see all of that inside Chloë shizzle, just admit it already! And I’m still laughing about the skydive you did when we were *trying to* hug. Lmao! Love you so muchies ❤️

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  2. I did! I do! You know me so well. ♥♥

    And I’m absolutely dying over the idea that when I hugged you with my super swank freebie hugger gadget, you somehow broke my dome and sent me to my death. MEANWHILE on Ever’s screen, I’m all sweetly nuzzling you with my arm stuck through your boob and your feet hovering about a foot off the ground. We pretty much are the best at SL’ing, Chloe. Like, if it can be sweetly awkward or hella broken, we’re totally going to nail it! 😀

    Love you smooches! ♥♥


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