Playing Around Before The Party Starts

Playing Around Before The Party Starts
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I’ve constantly been listening to K. Flay since I found her through Kinda Neat on YouTube. Earlier today I shared the song she performed for Kinda Neat, “FML”.
Even though the song title I used for this blog post is not one of hers, I’d still like to share some of her lyrics:

“Static on the line, I hear it all the time
But I’m quiet when you make me fade
Feel it coming back, watch it turn to black
But I’m brighter when you make me fade”
K. Flay (Make Me Fade)

Her music reminds me of Tove Lo, who has also been one of my favorite artists for about a year already. They have a similar voice and sound, their music sounds very hazy. It’s not necessarily trippy but it still feels like you’re kind of high all the time, which is a rather bad Habit. I’m Not On Drugs, truly!

On another note, I went to TETRA today and picked up this assymetrical skirt. It appealed to me from the moment I saw it. I figured it was a must have, for me at least since it can be worn in various ways. For this post I styled it rather casually but you can also wear it with a lavish blouse or even a cropped top and match it with some dazzling accessoires to create a more luxurious look. Or perhaps you could add a bikini top and some flip-flops and spend a nice day at your favorite beach.

After finishing my shopping spree at TETRA, I went to one of my new favorite destinations, La Vie. It is unfortunately only opened for a limited time, all the more reason to visit it as soon as you can!

This is one of the rare occasions on which I post twice a day. I usually already struggle posting on a daily basis, especially now that my final semester is about to end but since I Can’t Sleep, I figured I would have time for a second post. I suppose these are enough song references for today. I wish you all a wonderful day or night, wherever you are, my lovely readers!

 Love [Magnets] @ Lost & Found *
Top: WONDERLOST – Lina Tied Tank – Book was Better @ Enchantment *
Skirt: TETRA – High Asymmetric Drape Skirt (Navy)
Choker: ::Lustrage:: Alien Choker(RED)
Head: CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9 *
Head Applier: LURE: Victoria – Sugar – NEW! *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Eyes: AG. Hypnotic Eyes – Tropical @ Cosmopolitan

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 73
Location: La Vie

Event Dates:
Lost & Found | May 22 – June 1
Enchantment | May 14 – 31
Cosmopolitan | May 23 – June 3

3 thoughts on “Playing Around Before The Party Starts

  1. Oh my stars, look at you posting twice in a day you little Ms. Posty McPostingPerson! ♥ I can’t believe we were chatting about how awesome TETRA is, and then you legit went there, bought that amazing skirt, took a GORGEOUS picture, and blogged it all up already. Are you a wizard? Are you Harriet Potter or something? Can you totally “accio sexytimes” with me right now? 😉 ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope! I’m not a wizard of any kind. I used to be though, in another era… Aka 2 blog posts ago.

      However! I’m just a perfectionist facing the everlasting dilemma and battle between time, details, satisfaction oh and real life responsibilities. Teehee!

      Thanks for your sweet comment, my lovely soul-sister and let’s do some “accion sexytime” despite the fact that we’re both muggles af! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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