Youthful senses that never decay

Youthful senses that never decay
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One of my all time favorite movies is ’13 going on 30′. I watched it when I was 13 years old myself and found that I could greatly relate to 13 year old Jenna. How I longed to be an independent adult with a fabulous carreer, lover and boobs (!), or at least be the Regina George of my small town high school and steal kisses from all the hot seniors. Unfortunately my fetch high school life never actually took off and my chances to be the future head editor of Vogue have thus decreased to the point of nonexistence and ironically, the word ‘adulthood’ has, instead of sparking up juvinele hopes, dreams and wishes, started to make me feel rather anxious and downhearted.

As a so-called “young adult”, I have only set my first footsteps into this rather eerie world of responsibilities and reality, though I fear for what lays further down the road. Truly, I have a wishful feeling that my youthful senses will never decay because they are more than simply part of a number; of my age. Instead, they are a part of the core of my very excistence, a part of my heart and mind. I suppose my fear extends further than what lies on the surface, it goes beyond just the responsibilities and the reality I am forced to face. What I truly fear is the loss of who I am, the loss of that ‘core of my very excistence’.

I have met incredibly many people in my life and recently started to notice that I am not able to imagine that some of these people were young once. Perhaps that is part of my ignorance, though I like to believe that it is more than just that. This proofs itself when I ask these people about their youth. They speak of it as if it is someone elses distant memory, as it is a retold anecdote that they once heard at a bar or party. I want these young and (relatively) wild days of mine to be more than a retold anecdote, I want them to matter to me. I long to remember these days as moments that have shaped my life into what it will be by the time I have ventured further down the roads of adulthood.

On the whole, today’s life lesson, given by my overly philosophical self who likes to believe she is far wiser than she probably is, is the importance of remembering that every moment you live through, the things you do and every word you say (or write!), matters. You will find that these are part of the factors that define who you are as they set the bricks for the path of a life that you have chosen to live ♥

“How I’d love to find
That old place of mine
Feel the afternoon glow
Something warm, something slow
But our minds got small
When our legs grew tall
And our eyes don’t see right
Give me soul, give me sight”
– The Paper Kites, When Our Legs Grew Tall

On another (final) note, The Paper Kites are one of my favorite bands and it was around this time last year that I discovered my love for their words and sound. I hope you lovely readers will enjoy this tune as much as I do.


Cosmic Dust – Her Messy Desk Part 2 @ The Epiphany
Laptop: [Cosmic Dust] – The MaxBook Computer – Gold RARE
Hairbrush: [Cosmic Dust] – Lovely Hairbrush – Pink
Powderbox #1: [Cosmic Dust] – Cosmetic Compact  – Pink
Powderbox #2: [Cosmic Dust] – Cosmetic Compact  – Purple
Powderbox #3: [Cosmic Dust] – Cosmetic Compact  – Purple
Coke cans: [Cosmic Dust] – Cosmic Cola
Glasses: [Cosmic Dust] – Hipster Glasses
Paper airplane: [Cosmic Dust]  – Paper Airplane
Books: [Cosmic Dust] – Stack of Books
Magazine: [Cosmic Dust] – Shade Magazine

Bed: Fiasco – Moon Twin Bed Large @ Color Me Cute

uk – Gypsy Cabinet and Quilts Set
Cabinet: uK- Gypsy Cabinet White Empty
Quilt (middle shelf): uK – Gypsy Quilt Clump 2
Quilt (bottom shelf): uK – Gypsy Quilt Clump 1
Quilt stack (by the bed): uK – Gypsy Quilts Stack
Wall frames: uK – Gypsy Frames White

CHEZ MOI – Home Office Nob Hill
Pouf: White Pouf Nob Hill CHEZ MOI
Roses: Roses Nob Hill CHEZ MOI
Wall art: Be Awesome Today Pic CHEZ MOI
Lamp: Hanging Lamp

Rug: [MAGIC NOOK] White Fake Fur

Event Dates:
The Epiphany | July 15 – August 15
Color Me Cute | July 15 – August 1

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