The beauty in never growing up

The beauty in never growing up
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Adulthood seems to be a reoccuring theme on my blog, as it is also a reoccuring fear that casually lingers between my everyday thoughts. Fortunately, Buzzfeed tells us that it is possible to be the real life incarnation of Peter Pan! (Sort of…)

In all seriousness, I genuinely did enjoy watching this short but powerful video. I remember being incredibly worried myself about not being able to wear pastel colours when I would grow up because “that is not what adults wear”. It is a strange thing to worry about, but it troubled my mind regardless.

What saddened me though were the few comments calling the video “useless” or another one of Buzzfeed’s “we ran out of idea’s”-moments. To be fair, Buzzfeed does have their quirky moments (to put it lightly), but video’s such as these can, besides being very amusing, also be quite helpful and comforting. It reminds me that there are others like me who would love to rock pastel hair and bold coloured clothing at the age of 30, and that it forgiveable to not be a perfect, society crafted adult, but to be yourself instead.

What I mean by that is that some of us grow up to be different than the stereotypical pile of responsibilities and wisdom that is an average adult. Honestly, it’s okay to be either; so long as you are being yourself and feel comfortable with the person you are. Often times we find that we channel a spirit that we are not, purely for the sake of fitting in or being able to reach society’s standard and sometimes, sadly, your friends or families standards. Remember that this right here is your life and it is up to you to decide how it is shaped. Don’t let standards decide who you are, how you dress, or the life you live in general. You are the artist of your own lively masterpiece and the conductor of your own spiritual orchestra.

“To me, getting older isn’t changing who you are
because of what people expect you to be,
but really owning who you are”
Mynxii White

*Headpiece: PH – Mad Hattery – Jester RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Bodysuit: :::Sn@tch Allegra Swimsuit (Violet-P):::
*Head: CATWA HEAD Dyana V4.9
*Head applier: Lumae :: Eirtae – Elanil // Bare @ MBA Fair 2016
*Eyeshadow: .::frosting::. Shimmer Shadows – Fiesta, Green/Purple (Omega) @ The Makeover Room
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
*Left eye: AG. Elysian Eyes – Amethyst
*Right eye: AG. Elysian Eyes – Aqua

Location: The Place

Event dates:
Fantasy Gacha Carnival | August 7 – September 7
MBA Fair 2016 | August 1 – 21
The Makeover Room | August 1 – 25

4 thoughts on “The beauty in never growing up

  1. I agree I don’t think anyone should give up what they love because of pressure or what they think their age means. It’s about being happy and keeping your own artistic flare going. it’s all about what makes you happy and how you help others be happy. I say keep on wearing what you like and creating what you like. 🙂

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