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I wanted to write a short post regarding my recent absences. Unfortunately my time in-world has been drastically limited due to the start of a new semester and my overall encounter with new and exciting real life phenomena. Additionally I simply feel uninspired and quite frankly, too exhausted, to do any writing sessions what so ever. That also includes my real life journal, which hasn’t been updated since the beginning of September.

Not to worry though. I am, besides the recent fatigue, absolutely fantastic and I still appreciate all of you tremendously. Second Life still fills a space in my heart and mind. I will not forget your virtual loveliness and words of kindness, I deem that simply impossible. Forgive me for my seemingly overdramatic words but I want you all to know that all your love and kindness certainly does not go by unseen or unappreciated… So, stay kind, stay lovely and let’s talk again soon ♥

Hair: Love [TexasBama][Brunettes] Hud FAT PACK @ The Book of Daniel
Jewelry: .:EMO-tions:. * AGNES * collier (gold) @ We Love Roleplay
Head: LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.5
Head applier: Insol: Face Vera, ST03 ‘Peach’ @ The Book of Daniel
Lipstick: Insol: Vera lipstick (LAQ heads) @ The Book of Daniel

Event dates:
The Book of Daniel | September 10 – 20
We Love Roleplay | September 4 – 30


2 thoughts on “Reign

  1. awwwww gives you a big hug, aslong as you are happy, healthy and know how wonderful you are, that is all that matters sweetie, we will still be here when you can or wish to be here have no fear of that ♥


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