Relaxation session

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I have phases in which I tend to push myself to my limits or beyond. However, these phases are rather short lived as I am also easily burned out. The ambition and shortage of energy are a dangerous combination and work incredibly counterproductively. As soon as the exhaustion hits me again, I find myself in a loop of demotivation and disappointment and it is incredibly difficult to get back up again. Therefore, I have told myself to work hard but also give myself some time to breathe, rejuvinate and relax. Admittedly, it is difficult to break free from bad habits or old routines but at this point in time, I deem it mandatory. Though I am uncertain whether I can fully break this habit as it partly roots from my personality and factors I would rather not forcefully change, I will at least try to reduce its occurance as much as possible and continue to live a more relaxed and ultimately, a happier life.

Speaking of relaxation, MudHoney released this ultra comfortable yet classy looking sofa as their participating for this month’s Decoc(r)ate. The monthly crates cost 1,500L until the 8th of the month, after which the prize will increase to 3,000L. MudHoney will be participating in the February round too, so make sure you drop by the MudHoney Decocrate Kiosk to pre-order your February Decoc(r)ate. For more information regarding Decoc(r)ate, please take a look at the Decoc(r)ate website.


My outfit consists out of a couple of Collabor88 essentials. This round’s theme was Chic Gym and whilst going to the gym might not be the most relaxing activity, the comfiness of sportswear is undeniably amazing. These comfy and fun yoga pants are from Decoy. I found a pair of matching yoga socks from Astralia to wear them with and added the Astralia earphones as well. An incredibly cute detail about the earphones is that you can spell out 5 letters on the tag. If you look closely, you will see I spelled out “Chloe” on mine (gotta claim those earphones!).

Visit Collabor88 for even more sportive goodies and start working on your New Year’s resolutions fresh and fabulously!

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Alexa Mesh Hair – B @ The Seasons Story *
Top: ISON – carey off shoulder sweater (white) @ Collabor88 *
Bottom: Decoy – Heartbreaker Leggings: Blue @ Collabor88 *
Socks: Astralia – Sporty yoga socks @ Collabor88 *
Earphones: Astralia – Yoga earphones @ Collabor88 *
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya [With Teeth] v1.04 *
Head applier: Insol: Mashell’s secrets #7 “Dolly” (ST Milk) @ The Epiphany *
Eyes: AG. Entice Eyes – Peanut *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

[NC] – Old Bookcase *
MudHoney Clara Settee – Blue @ Decoc(r)ate *
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Crate Table *
22769 ~ [bauwerk] New York Magazine *
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Plant in Pot *
GOOSE – blue bottles
Serenity Style– Nostalgia Cabinet *
Serenity Style– Nostalgia Book *
Serenity Style– Nostalgia Vase *
Serenity Style– Nostalgia Rug *
[Schultz Bros.] 11th Street Skybox

Other items:
GOOSE – Sea la vie side table 1
_i7_manly candle_canyon fire *
_i7_manly candle_the woods *
Potted Plant Toscane CHEZ MOI
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Patio Snake Plant *
Serenity Style – Nostalgia Frames *

Event dates
The Seasons Story | January 10 – 31
Collabor88 | January 8 – February 6
The Epiphany | January 15 – February 15

2 thoughts on “Relaxation session

  1. This “challenging yourself” thing is quite inbuilt in some people, it’s a very difficult conditioning to break. I think that in me, it stems from always wanting to please my father as he had that sort of job where he was rarely home and to get his attention you had to be either very good or very bad *laughs* In the end, it’s a case of forgiving yourself.


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