My greatest promise

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I recently visited an university for a try-out day where I followed a couple of lectures for philosophy. It was a rather interesting experience. Though I admittedly did not find all the lectures particularly interesting, there was one that stuck by me. It was a lecture about promises. The lecturer taught us about when a promise is rational, and when it becomes irrational. I unfortunately do not have time to share all the details of this wonderfully philosophical lecture, but I will share one saying that I most likely won’t ever forget. ‘The greatest promise we can make is marriage’. I soon realized that marriage was indeed ‘simply’ a promise. As a kid I believed marriage was one of the greatest phenomenons within a human life. Though my dreamful, childish beliefs have started to wither away, there is a part of me that wants to continue to believe in the importance and beauty of marriage. Therefore, it was rather confronting to hear someone say that marriage was ‘simply a promise’. But instead of labelling marriage as a simplistic essence of humanity, we should instead start to see the greatness within promises.


This world, filled with its love, heartbreak and promises, certainly touches my hopelessly romantic soul. There is something so utterly beautiful about the deception of simplicity and how the world of a child seems so vast yet so simple. It isn’t until we grow up that we start to see the complexity within all the individual aspects of our human lives. The complexity within romance and its emotions, words, art and promises. All of it affects our hearts, creates the balancing act of our human lives and while it does contribute to shaping our tragedies, it is important to remember that above all, it shapes beauty.

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Hair: [Runaway] Cinderella Hair | Enchantment *
Headpiece: Astralia – Callas wedding (Bride headpiece) | The Crossroads *
Bouquet: Astralia – Callas wedding (Bride Bouquet) RARE | The Crossroads *
Dress: Kaithleen’s Cinderella Dress | Enchantment *
Head: LeLutka – Head.Simone 2.4
Head applier: Insol: face Bianca, ST ‘Milk’ *
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Entice Eyes – Periwinkle *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Pose: <K&S> GirlS 7. Part 2. Poses

Astralia – Callas wedding (Chair) ULTRARARE | The Crossroads *
Astralia – Callas wedding (table) | The Crossroads *
Astralia – Callas wedding (Table decor) | The Crossroads *
Astralia – Callas wedding (Queen flute) | The Crossroads *
Astralia – Callas wedding (King Flute) | The Crossroads *
Astralia – Callas wedding (Photo prop) | The Crossroads *
Astralia – Callas wedding (lantern) | The Crossroads *
Astralia – Callas wedding (Romantic Arch) | The Crossroads *
Astralia – Callas wedding (carpet) | The Crossroads *
Astralia – Callas wedding (Dishes and cutleries) | The Crossroads *

BALACLAVA!! Market Stall | MadPea International Food Fair *
BALACLAVA!! Cupcake Boxes #2 | MadPea International Food Fair *
BALACLAVA!! Cupcake Display Case | MadPea International Food Fair *
BALACLAVA!! Cupcake Box #1 | MadPea International Food Fair *

Aphrodite Shop white mesh roses vase (rezzable) *
Aphrodite Shop pink mesh roses vase (rezzable) *
Abstract Soul – Eightrasected Heartiflex (x3) *

Other items:
BIGBULLY Victorian Wireframe Candles – Gold *
BIGBULLY Victorian Wireframe Mirror – Gold *
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
Soy. Potted Pothos [Ssize]

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Enchantment | February 11 – 28
The Crossroads | February 3 – 28
MadPea International Food Fair | February 18 – March 4

2 thoughts on “My greatest promise

  1. My thoughts are that the most important part of marriage is to maintain faithfulness to your partner. That builds a firm and secure base for bringing up children. If there is no respect and loyalty, then there is really no marriage in the true sense of the word. In this way, it is the greatest of promises, not only to our partner and then to ourselves but also to the institution of marriage itself. Marriage is a sort of an innate thing to maintain the balance within a relationship and it is carried out in public as a blessing of society. Even if you don’t put a spiritual connotation on it, there is still that public approval and witness to a lifelong bond. ❤


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