To be yourself

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‘Be yourself!’ is, in my opinion, a cliche and overused saying that is thrown around far too easily and carelessly. As a kid, I used to say it all the time. I saw a beautiful spark in staying true to my crazy self but as I grew older, this spark faded into a dim light of past hopes and optimism.

In high school I learned that being yourself is not always as appreciated as I had hoped for. Being yourself was seemingly only appreciated if your true self followed the norm. Now, obviously, as the hormone overdosed, identity questioning teenager that I was, I followed anything but the norm. I started questioning whether being myself would lead to a path of happiness or one of absolute self loathing and spent a part of my teenage years pretending to be someone I was not in the hopes of being accepted, and thus happy. Thankfully, there were other blessed weirdos and lost teenage souls like me running around the school grounds, who later on became my partners in youthful crimes.

Approval does not necesarily have to be brought by the masses or come from a larger group. As long as you are happy with the person you embody and the things that you stand for, there is no need to change or be afraid of who you are. Ultimately, being yourself, despite being easier said than done, remains incredibly important, valuable and perhaps even rare in a world full of masked weirdos, living behind a facade of the everyday city life.


Hair: Beusy: Jennie Hairstyle | Kustom9 *
Hoodie: Astralia: Jennie’s Unicorn Hoodie | Kustom9 *
Head: The Sugar Garden – Dakota Mesh Head X Tone *
 {S0NG} :: Andi~ Dark Brown Eye
Tattoos: [CAROL G] Arabesque – White *

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Kustom9 | February 15 – March 10

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