Fighting for what I have left

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I recently watched X-Men: Apocalypse, where one of my favorite mutants, Psylocke, made her first big appearance. I felt inspired to do a darker photo afterwards, based on one of Psylocke’s (past) ability: teleportation through shadows. I chose to use Psylocke’s classic colour scheme of purple- and blue-gray tones. I went into a different direction in regards to the outfit though as I simply loved Violent Seduction’s latest release at The Arcade too much. It is an incredibly risque set. It is very detailed and looks absolutely stunning. Drop by The Arcade to try your luck and may the gacha odds be ever in your favor!


My finals are almost here! I have less than a week to go before I enter a week of anxiety and late night studying. Summer is so close though, I can almost feel it! Wish me luck ❤

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dahlia Mesh Hair – Fireworks | Uber *
Collar: Violent Seduction – Erebus Collar (Black) | The Arcade *
Arm accessories: Violent Seduction – Erebus Pauldrons (Black) | The Arcade *
Dress: Violent Seduction – Erebus Dress (Black) | The Arcade *
Panties: Violent Seduction – Erebus Panties (Black) | The Arcade *
Shoes: Violent Seduction – Erebus Heels (Black) | The Arcade *
Head: Genesis Lab – Sofie 3.2 *
Head applier: Genesis Lab – Carmel Cream *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.0
Pose: Poseidon Speedster 6 Box

Event dates
Uber | May 25 – June 23
The Arcade 
| June 1 – 30


What’s up, gorgeous?

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It has been a while since I have written about anything regarding my real life. Frankly, there wasn’t much to write about. However, I recently felt the need to update my blog to let you all know what is going on and why I haven’t been posting much. I’m making it sound quite dramatic but no worries, I haven’t given into any psychopathic tendencies just yet. I am actually spending the majority of my day working on school work. My school year is coming close to its end, though I am still quite behind with my work. Therefore, I need to spend as much time as possible to try and catch up in an effort to finish my year kind of successfully. This unfortunately means that I won’t have as much time to do the things I love to do, including blogging.


I won’t be able to follow my standard schedule until the end of June or beginning of July. Meaning that until then, I will most likely be unable to keep up with the ever changing and dynamic virtual blogging landscape. Though fortunately, there are plenty of other bloggers who can continue to update you. Take a look at my blogroll for a few of my personal favorites.

Hair: #Foxy – Kali. *
Jumpsuit: TETRA – Formation Playsuit | Collabor88 *
Shoes: [BREATHE] Kasumi Heels | preview for The Arcade *
Head: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 *
Head applier: The Sugar Garden – Jojo Applier D Tone *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.0
Pose: Purple Poses – Daisy 05 *

22769 – Cookies White *
22769 – Bunbun Table White *
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neo Victorian Sofa White PG *
JIAN PeeWee Puffs :: Teddy Puff Companion RARE *
JIAN PeeWee Puffs :: Tea Cup White *
+Half-Deer+ Pretty Kitty Floor Pillow – Dreaming – Mint | Cutie Loot April *
+Half-Deer+ Pretty Kitty Floor Pillow – Fancy – Floral | Cutie Loot April *
Milo. Plank Sign Gacha – Hello Gorgeous | The Kawaii Project *
Raindale ~ cupcake tray (H&G expo hunt) | Home & Garden Expo 2017 *
Raindale ~ Flower bucket 1 | Home & Garden Expo 2017 *
Raindale ~ Flower bucket 2 | Home & Garden Expo 2017 *
Raindale ~ Flower bucket 3 | Home & Garden Expo 2017 *
Raindale ~ storage ottoman | Home & Garden Expo 2017 *
Fancy Decor: Books & Bookends (white & gold)
Ariskea[Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box 1[Decor] | Group Gift *
Ariskea[Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box[Decor] | Group Gift *

Other items:
Peaches ‘N Cream – CESP – Girly Posters *
Ariskea[Blush] Chair Pillow [Goldy] *
Mori. wood decor . light plain *
Mori. bright rug .a
{vespertine}- twinkle fairylight branch / copper
{vespertine}- twinkle fairylight /curtain1 /copper

Event dates
Collabor88 | May 8 – June 6
The Arcade | June 1 – 30
The Kawaii Project | May 20 – June 10
Home & Garden Expo 2017 | May 19 – June 4

The Three Cutieteers

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It’s quite ironic how my Second Life username is Kawaiilian, yet I rarely actually post kawaii-styled photos. I figured it was about time to delve back into the world of sugary adorability and I quickly found myself working on this lookbook-styled photo, Continue reading


Do not underestimate me

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Fiore recently released their much anticipated first bento head. Her name is Alura and she is quite gorgeous. Here is some more information about the head:  Continue reading


Taco Belle

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The opening of the first Taco Bell in The Netherlands is, in my opinion, the best thing that has happened in 2017 so far. The restaurant opened in the city of Eindhoven on April 4th and I, admittedly, have yet to pay a visit. Continue reading



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Mossu is a new brand founded by Akirakiyoi, one of the previous co-owners of Fawny. The new brand will be focusing on sexy, luxury apparel. Mossu premiered its first sexy release at the current round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Continue reading


C’est la vie


Rewind is back on the grid, taking us back to the 80’s this time around. I have always been a fan of 80’s aesthetic and music, which is why I was incredibly excited for this round in particular. Continue reading


I’ll be your daisy girl

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May seems to be a month filled with incredibly exciting events. Here’s a brief overview of two of the events I am featuring today:

6º Republic

6º Republic is a bi-annual decor and landscaping event with a diverse line-up of amazing designers. Each round’s theme is inspired by the architecture of real life locations.  Continue reading


Ann wants to dance

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Fifty Linden Friday is yet another reason for Second Life residents to become completely ecstatic about the end of the work week. Belleza released a new exclusive for today’s FLF offer and she is gorgeous! Continue reading