Social Media

Listed below are the social media networks I use for Second Life, in order from most to least used.

  1. YouTube
    The platform that I love and adore. I spend most, if not all, of my time here; watching or creating video’s. You can find all of my videos here.
  2. Flickr
    I have previously used Instagram for personal real life uses. Flickr seems to be the desktop alternative for it, which is especially handy for all of the marvelous Second Life photographers and bloggers. I love to spend hours favoriting and leaving comments on all of the wonderful images that pass my feed.
  3. Plurk
    Plurk is a Twitter-esque platform, widely used by Second Life users.
  4. Facebook
    I mainly use Facebook to share my blog posts and look at all the viral cat video’s my friends share.
  5. Google+
    Even though I do have Google Plus, I rarely actually use it. Feel free to follow me though since all of my YouTube video’s will automatically be posted on my Google+ page too.
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