MBA Bi-Monthly September

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I finally found some time to sit down and record my vlog for MBA Bi-Monthly. The audio quality is slightly off this episode but hopefully that will be fixed before the next one. Thank you tremendously for tuning in. Enjoy! ♥


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Featured designers:
{ViSion} | Fishy Strawberry | Just BECAUSE | KC Couture | ILLI | Method | Insanya | Azuchi | Pink Pearl Designs | Absolut Vendetta | Entice | MADDICT | Moon Elixir | PHEDORA | Salt & Pepper

Event dates:
MBA Bi-Monthly | September 10 – 30

The Sn@tch Book

The Sn@tch Book
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The Lookbook is one of my new Flickr albums in which I will display a collection of outfits compiled to show off a certain style, item, brand or event. Lookbooks tend to inspire me, both in real life and on Second Life. One lookbook that recently sparked such inspiration in me was the Inspiration lookbook, which I find a very suiting name, by the wonderful Tarani Tempest. She displayed a set of outfits which all looked very unique yet in some way, they matched perfectly.

The inspiration for my lookbook today comes from one of my favorite stores on the grid, Sn@tch. Sn@tch was founded in 2007 by Ivey Deshanel and has been around ever since. The store offers a variety of products ranging from appliers to various mesh items. Ivey uses Omega appliers which does not only make it easy to use but that also makes all of her appliers useable for many mesh bodies.The system layers are also included for those who still use their system body.

If you are not familiar with the Omega system or would like to know if your mesh body is also omega competible, I recommend you take a look at their blog which contains a lot of information and also lists all of the supported meshes.


Look #1:
Love [High by the beach] [Brunettes] @ SaNaRae *
:::Sn@tch Kacie Lacy Camisole (Black-S)::: – NEW! *
Entice – Stars Are Blind Shorts – Blues *
!TLB – Kawaii Skelly Choker/Grey *
CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9 *
Head Applier: 
May Skin – mocha tone (Enfer Sombre*) @ Whimsical *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
AG. Hypnotic Eyes – Azure @ Cosmopolitan

Look #2:
Love [Beauty Kills] [Gingers] @ The Fantasy Collective *
:::Sn@tch Anya Sheer Wrap Top (Pink-S)::: – NEW! *
*Fishy Strawberry* Freshman Skirt – Black Corduroy
AsteroidBox. Heart Collar // Black *
AsHmOoT_Accessories Coll_Sunglasses_Basic/Black *
Head: CATWA  HEAD Alice V4.9 *
Head Applier: 
May Skin – mocha tone (Enfer Sombre*) @ Whimsical *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
AG. Hypnotic Eyes – Fjord @ Cosmopolitan

Look #3:
Hair: Love [Wandering Love] [Blondes] @ Whimsical *
Top: :::Sn@tch Posey Bustier (Green-U)::: – NEW! *
Skirt: Ninety-Oops! Strippes Skirt XXS
Choker: NOVA Anti-Valentine Choker – PSYCHO
Necklace: AsteroidBox // Coffin Cutie // Batty Necklace // Spooky RARE *
Head: CATWA  HEAD Alice V4.9 *
Head Applier: May Skin – mocha tone (Enfer Sombre*) @ Whimsical *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Eyes: AG. Hypnotic Eyes – Mirage @ Cosmopolitan

Poses: Overlow Poses – Pack 66

Event Dates:
SaNaRae | May 25 – June 18
| May 18 – June 8
| May 23 – June 4
The Fantasy Collective 
| May 22 – June 15