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Geektopia 1.0 is a new event hosted by Bee Event SL. The designer line-up is incredible and there are many lovely and creative exclusives and gacha’s that will warm your inner geek’s heart. I’m currently wearing the exclusives from darkendStare. and Cute or Die! (such an edgy store name, love it!) and you can get these until the 3rd of July. So grab your pocket protectors, hold on tight to your controllers and let’s get shopping!

Also, happy new week! This is going to be my last week before my semester deadlines and I am honestly not sure how much I will be around. I still have so much to do and it is literally driving me insane with guilt and stress. However, if I suddenly disappear this week, just know I’m probably suffocating myself in study books so you should have nothing to worry about. (Sounds like a normal Thursday afternoon for any student, right?). Thank you for all of your kindness and patience, I truly can’t say it enough ♥

 Love [Under Pressure] [Candies] @ Inspiration SL *
Bodysuit: :::Sn@tch Pixie Latex Swimsuit (Peach-U)::: *
Shoes: [CoD!] Eternity & Future Boots @ Geektopia 1.0 *
Phone: 7.Le Coq D’or – fruit phone {fruit}4 @ The Showroom *
Headpiece: darkendStare. cyberbunnie headset [white/pink] @ Geektopia 1.0 *
Head: CATWA HEAD Helena V4.9 – I will vlog her soon, stay tuned! *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 73 (5)
Location: InSilico

Event Dates:
Geektopia 1.0June 19 – July 3
Inspiration SLJune 19 – July 10
The Showroom | June 17 – 27

When Spring Comes, We Blossom

When Spring Comes, We Blossom
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Suicide Dollz is still open for 2 more days. This round was absolutely wonderful so check it out before they close off until Sunday for a new and dazzling round. I’m wearing the exclusive from [ abrasive ] and matched it with the magic of roses set by Le Coq D’or which you can find at another lovely event, Gami Gacha.

I took this photo at Chakryn Forest which is a lively forest filled with nature and magic. There are a few picturesque spots there as well as some hangout spots where you can simply chill out and enjoy your surroundings. I had a lot of fun there and I will definitely visit again when I can.

On another note, I received my June Luxe Box today and have been thinking about doing an unboxing video though I feel as if so many people are already (planning on) doing that so I might let that idea subside. I, unfortunately, nearly have time to do video’s at the moment anyway due to school. Perhaps I will do one for the future boxes. Let me know what you want or think!

“We can climb high, higher than before
We could stand by while it burns to the floor
Though we cannot fly
We will build and the wounds will mend
As we build it once again”
– Tristam, Once Again

For any of my readers who are feeling down or blue or as if everything has fallen and broken down, know that one day you will build it once again and when your spring comes, you will blossom. Hang in there ♥

 rezology Blood Oath
Bodysuit: [ abrasive ] Faded Bodysuit – Pink @ Suicide Dollz
Choker: AsteroidBox. Clear Collar // Pink
Eyepatch: 5. Le Coq D’or – magic of roses – eye patch {pink rose} @ Gami Gacha
Headpiece: 4. Le Coq D’or – magic of roses – horns {Ivory} @ Gami Gacha
Staff: 1. Le Coq D’or – magic of roses – wand {ivory} back RARE @ Gami Gacha
Head: .tsg. Runa Mesh Head A Tone
Ears: .tsg. Mesh Head Elf Ear Add-on *Modest* A
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Brown

Event Dates:
Suicide Dollz | June 5 – 16
Gami Gacha | June 4 – 30

The Boho Queen

The Boho Queen
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Whisper is a relatively new Second Life store found by Rosey Porter. Whisper specializes in various original mesh items and also sells the matching full permission meshes. Make sure you read the Whisper TOS before purchasing the full perm meshes though.

I’ll be keeping it short today since I still have a quite some blog posts and lots of other work to do but I wanted to end this post by sharing my “tune of the day”. Once again, I was inspired to do this by my wonderful soul-sister Ever, who lately has been sharing a few of her favorite tunes as well. Music has always played a big role in my life and it always delights me to see that others share that very same passion. Today I will share one of my favorite songs by the wonderful Lana del Rey.

“When I saw your face it was incredible,
Painted on my soul, it was indelible.
We celebrate our twisted fate,
We’re the broken ones”
– Lana del Rey, Queen of Disaster

MURRAY– Magdalena Hairstyle / Dark Browns
Whisper ~ Tiara1 – NEW! *
Necklace: 7.Le Coq D’or – Boho – necklace {2} @ The Showroom *
Earrings: 12.Le Coq D’or – Boho – earring{1} @ The Showroom *
Head: CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9 *
Head Applier: Insol: CATWA Sarah Applier ‘Laura’ – ST3 ‘Peach’ *
Lipstick: Insol: CATWA lipstick ‘Glamour shine’ *
Eyes: AG. Hypnotic Eyes – Azure @ Cosmopolitan

Event Dates:
The Showroom | May 20 – 30
Cosmopolitan | May 23 – June 3

The Power of Journaling

The Power of Journaling
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I recently bought a journal in real life to keep track of all of my thoughts, adventures and reckless adolescent mistakes. It’s been wonderful so far and come to think of it, my blog and vlog are like a Second Life journal too! Perhaps that is why I enjoy journaling so much.

For today’s journal entry I’ll be writing about lots of things from different events, beginning with this adorable set from MOoH! at the current round of The Thrift Shop. I have completely fallen in love with this set. I adore the dusty rose color and it looks so adorable together with the sweet ruffles and bows.

Whimsical has recently opened her second round and even though it is a rather new event, it is already one of my favorites! You can find this sweet head applier from Enfer Sombre there, together with a whole lot of other goodies from some of the finest designers on the grid.

The Power of Journalizing. - Close-Up

Lost & Found has also just opened but you better hurry, it will only stay open until the beginning of June. A few of my favorite designers are participating in this round, including Le Coq D’or with the Girls Days gacha set. Here is a raw shot of one of the Girls Diaries that you can win. It is pink and has adorable little sheep on them. It is a must have for any journaling cutie! Nanja Marjeta from CHEZ MOI brought out this romantic bridge for Lost & Found in two different versions, nature and white. They both include several single and couple poses. Here’s a picture of the full scene, the bridge is floating behind the books:

The Power of Journalizing - Scene

Last but not least, a kind reminder that Enchantment is still up and running. It is their best round yet and one that you certainly cannot miss. All of the books you see in the scene are currently available at Enchantment. They are made by the wonderful Una Daxter. The hair I’m wearing is made by the wonderful Truth Hawks and is also available at Enchantment. It comes with two options for the bangs and the crown is included as an optional accessoire.

Hair: TRUTH HAIR May @ Enchantment *
Top: MOoH! Ruffled bow top @ The Thrift Shop *
Shorts: MOoH! Buttoned shorts @  The Thrift Shop *
Shoes: _CD_Clarie Rose-
Journal: 16.Le Coq D’or – Girls diary {sheeps} @ Lost & Found *
Head: CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9 *
Head Applier: May Skin – mocha tone (Enfer Sombre*) @ Whimsical *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
.tsg. Lumenis Eyes – Ice Blue @ TDSF3 *

Book #1: Una – Book 3 @ Enchantment *
Book #2: Una – Book 3 (rotated) @ Enchantment *
Book #3: Una – Book 6 @ Enchantment *
Book #4: Una – Book 7 @ Enchantment *
Book Path: Una – Book small Path @ Enchantment *
Trees: LB_SeaAlmond{Seasons} @ LTD – The Event *
Bridge: Iron Garden Bridge Nature CHEZ MOI Lost & Found *

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 51

Event Dates:
Enchantment | 14 May – 31 May
The Thrift Shop | 8 May – 30 May
Lost & Found | 22 May – 1 June
Whimsical | 17 May – 8 June
The Dark Style Fair 3 | 14 May – 4 June
LTD – The Event | 12 May – 26 May

Mama Said

Tres Chic Blogger Search - Kawaiilian
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Today is the last day you can participate in the Tres Chic Blogger Search. I had to search through my inventory for a bit but I found a stool from unKindness and a pair of shorts from Entice to use for my participation. And to hype you all up for the upcoming round of Tres Chic: the bench and rug are from CHEZ MOI and will be available at the new round of Tres Chic in two days. Here’s a raw shot of the scene:

Mama Said_001

Today is also the last day of The Garage Fair. Since it’s the last day, I will attach the landmark to the mainstores too so you’ll be able to find the items after the event closes.

My songspiration for today is Mama Said by The Shirelles. I remember when my own mama used to play this every morning. She was a huge fan of 60’s music and now, so am I.
I’m a bit too late for Mothersday but I still wanna say it; thank you, mama!

Love – Briar Rose [hair] @ Hairology
MOoH! Back bow top Fitmesh XS @ The Garage Fair (LAST DAY!)
Entice – Cool for the Summer Shorts 
I forgot about those… (so professional, Chloë!)
Glasses: 1.Le Coq D’or – fauna glasses {1}1RARE @ The Black Dot Project
 .::Nanika::.Tatoo – Vasanta (white) faded
Head: CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9
Head Applier
: DS’ELLES- Applier CATWA HEAD- CAMILLE- NEVA @ The Black Dot Project
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Eyes: AG. Blissful Eyes – Cold Blue

 uK – Cocktail Hour Chair Cream
Bench: Reading Nook Lolita (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic (SOON!)
Rug: Tassled Rug CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic (SOON!)
Skybox: enMESHed – Genevieve Shotgun House @ Roulett3


Stripes ‘n Stuff

Love Hair - Me, Myself & I + Hurricane
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Lovespun from Love Hair came out with this incredibly cute gift for Mother’s Day a few days ago. It’s called Hurricane (Halsey song reference?) and it comes in an ombre pack. She also released two new hairs at The Chapter Four and Hairology. The second of which I still have to blog since it came out after I shot this picture. And yes, that does mean this picture has been sitting on my laptop for a while. I’m late, again.

I can explain though! Let me explain, please! Hey, where are you going? Come back!
(Real mature, Chloë…)

For real though, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be a bit more busy the upcoming 3 weeks due to the end of the semester closing in while still being really behind with all of my work. Bear with me, please!

Left Girl:
 Love – Me, Myself, & I @ The Chapter Four (until 
Dress: !TLB – Lizzie Dress
Bow Tie: 12.Le Coq D’or – bow {12} @ The Showroom
Head: [M3+] – Venus Anime Head (Slim) (v.1.12.17)
Head Applier: M3 Venus Skin light 2 – Alice (Enfer Sombre*)
Eyes: M3/Venus/Kemono/2.0 Eyes – Lovely Green (Enfer Sombre*)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Right Girl
Hair: Love – Hurricane (gift!)
Dress: !TLB – Lizzie Dress
Bow Tie: 10.Le Coq D’or – bow {10} 1 @ The Showroom
Head: [M3+] – Venus Anime Head (Slim) (v.1.12.17)
Head Applier: M3 Venus Skin light 2 – Alice (Enfer Sombre*)
Eyes: M3/Venus/Kemono/2.0 Eyes – Lovely Pink (Enfer Sombre*)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Pose: [ILAYA] – Finella Poses

The Hipster Squad

The Hipster Squad

As I’ve mentioned in my previous vlog, I am currently not at home. Which means that I have limited access to my laptop for the rest of the week. I did however have some time to sneak behind my laptop and create this lovely ensemble. Meet “The Hipster Squad”, the geeky-cool alto’s, the “I liked it before it was mainstream”-crew, whatever you’d like to call them. Wanna know more about them? Let me link you to their royal anthem that is filled with tumbling irony. Enjoy!

Left Girl:
Hair: Love – Love Myself – Pale
 Entice – My Girl Dress – Plaid
Sweater: NS:: Black lines Waist Sweater @ GEN-Neutral
Garter: Pixel Geek – Spiked bow garter
Phone: 15.Le Coq D’or – yummy phone {6}
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Midnight

Middle Girl:
Hair: Love – Red – Ombres #1 Naturals – Mocha & Vanilla
Dress: !creamSH! Minato Dress -FAT PACK- XXS for The Unknown Hunt*
Necklace: AsteroidBox. Love Skull Necklace // Black
Phone: 14.Le Coq D’or – yummy phone {5}
Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Black

Right Girl:
Hair: Love – Forget Me Not @ SaNaRae
Sweater: NS:: Mesh Hipster Sweater
Pants: !TLB – Pinstripe Jeans/XXS
Phone: 1.Le Coq D’or – yummy  phone {1} RARE
Eyes: .tsg. Luminate – Dark Brown

All Girls:
Glasses: AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_Nerd Glasses/ BB
Head: CATWA HEAD Candy V4.9
Head Applier: .::WoW Skins::. Irina 2016 MILK @ Designer Circle
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Fences: uK – Spring Garden Hearts Fence Light for The Gacha Guardians*

*: These are mainstore events so the items are available at the in-world store.