Broken vicious circle of restless times

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I’m tired, it’s a phrase we mostly throw around as an excuse or as an attempt to justify our actions and behavior. It’s the simplicity in the phrase, however, that makes it so misleading.

Being tired can be mental, physical or a combination of both. It can affect you slightly, or severely; it’s tedious either way. It can be more than sleepless nights, it can be restless, wicked and sometimes, seemingly lethal.

It’s a state I have been all too familiar with. Living with constant aching desires for peace and rest, it seemed as if there was a war in my mind. All I wished for was a truce. Due to my inablity to find my inner peace, I instead found myself in a constant loop of restless nights, which resulted in reckless days. I stopped caring and walked among a path of self loathing and destruction. I started growing weary of life itself, it became heavier with each breath and to carry my body started feeling like a burden.

I broke out of the vicious circle a while back ago, but I fear of falling into that routine of old again. My life seems to be a constant dynamic between burnouts, thus feeling exhausted, and irrationnal confidence. One moment I seem to have it all together, only to watch everything fall apart in the next. Sometimes this is partly due to things out of my control. I admit that I could have always handled most unfortunate happenings better but in all honesty, I simply did not know better. Fortunately I always learned from my mistake, though I’m unsure whether I would actually take those self taught lessons in regard. I can hope that my foolish self will find peace with the bit of, hopefully growing, rationality within me.

I suppose that is the bright side to this burning pessimistic paradise I have found myself in today. To learn something must be one of the most precious things in life, so consider a broken vicious circle of restless times a lifelesson and irrational behavior a step closer to finding inner peace, wisdom and rationality.

*Hair: Love [Honeysuckle][Brunettes] @ The Fantasy Collective
*Dress: Petite Mort- Ivory Zoe maxi dress @ Lost & Found
*Head: CATWA HEAD Amelie V4.9
*Head applier: Insol: face Camila (CATWA), ST04 ‘Copper’
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
*Eyes: AG. Elysian Eyes – Swamp

*Scene: Moroccan Dreams (Adult) CHEZ MOI (pose included)

Event dates:
The Fantasy Collective | August 22 – September 15
Lost & Found | August 22 – September 1

Playing Around Before The Party Starts

Playing Around Before The Party Starts
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I’ve constantly been listening to K. Flay since I found her through Kinda Neat on YouTube. Earlier today I shared the song she performed for Kinda Neat, “FML”.
Even though the song title I used for this blog post is not one of hers, I’d still like to share some of her lyrics:

“Static on the line, I hear it all the time
But I’m quiet when you make me fade
Feel it coming back, watch it turn to black
But I’m brighter when you make me fade”
K. Flay (Make Me Fade)

Her music reminds me of Tove Lo, who has also been one of my favorite artists for about a year already. They have a similar voice and sound, their music sounds very hazy. It’s not necessarily trippy but it still feels like you’re kind of high all the time, which is a rather bad Habit. I’m Not On Drugs, truly!

On another note, I went to TETRA today and picked up this assymetrical skirt. It appealed to me from the moment I saw it. I figured it was a must have, for me at least since it can be worn in various ways. For this post I styled it rather casually but you can also wear it with a lavish blouse or even a cropped top and match it with some dazzling accessoires to create a more luxurious look. Or perhaps you could add a bikini top and some flip-flops and spend a nice day at your favorite beach.

After finishing my shopping spree at TETRA, I went to one of my new favorite destinations, La Vie. It is unfortunately only opened for a limited time, all the more reason to visit it as soon as you can!

This is one of the rare occasions on which I post twice a day. I usually already struggle posting on a daily basis, especially now that my final semester is about to end but since I Can’t Sleep, I figured I would have time for a second post. I suppose these are enough song references for today. I wish you all a wonderful day or night, wherever you are, my lovely readers!

 Love [Magnets] @ Lost & Found *
Top: WONDERLOST – Lina Tied Tank – Book was Better @ Enchantment *
Skirt: TETRA – High Asymmetric Drape Skirt (Navy)
Choker: ::Lustrage:: Alien Choker(RED)
Head: CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9 *
Head Applier: LURE: Victoria – Sugar – NEW! *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Eyes: AG. Hypnotic Eyes – Tropical @ Cosmopolitan

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 73
Location: La Vie

Event Dates:
Lost & Found | May 22 – June 1
Enchantment | May 14 – 31
Cosmopolitan | May 23 – June 3

The Power of Journaling

The Power of Journaling
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I recently bought a journal in real life to keep track of all of my thoughts, adventures and reckless adolescent mistakes. It’s been wonderful so far and come to think of it, my blog and vlog are like a Second Life journal too! Perhaps that is why I enjoy journaling so much.

For today’s journal entry I’ll be writing about lots of things from different events, beginning with this adorable set from MOoH! at the current round of The Thrift Shop. I have completely fallen in love with this set. I adore the dusty rose color and it looks so adorable together with the sweet ruffles and bows.

Whimsical has recently opened her second round and even though it is a rather new event, it is already one of my favorites! You can find this sweet head applier from Enfer Sombre there, together with a whole lot of other goodies from some of the finest designers on the grid.

The Power of Journalizing. - Close-Up

Lost & Found has also just opened but you better hurry, it will only stay open until the beginning of June. A few of my favorite designers are participating in this round, including Le Coq D’or with the Girls Days gacha set. Here is a raw shot of one of the Girls Diaries that you can win. It is pink and has adorable little sheep on them. It is a must have for any journaling cutie! Nanja Marjeta from CHEZ MOI brought out this romantic bridge for Lost & Found in two different versions, nature and white. They both include several single and couple poses. Here’s a picture of the full scene, the bridge is floating behind the books:

The Power of Journalizing - Scene

Last but not least, a kind reminder that Enchantment is still up and running. It is their best round yet and one that you certainly cannot miss. All of the books you see in the scene are currently available at Enchantment. They are made by the wonderful Una Daxter. The hair I’m wearing is made by the wonderful Truth Hawks and is also available at Enchantment. It comes with two options for the bangs and the crown is included as an optional accessoire.

Hair: TRUTH HAIR May @ Enchantment *
Top: MOoH! Ruffled bow top @ The Thrift Shop *
Shorts: MOoH! Buttoned shorts @  The Thrift Shop *
Shoes: _CD_Clarie Rose-
Journal: 16.Le Coq D’or – Girls diary {sheeps} @ Lost & Found *
Head: CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9 *
Head Applier: May Skin – mocha tone (Enfer Sombre*) @ Whimsical *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
.tsg. Lumenis Eyes – Ice Blue @ TDSF3 *

Book #1: Una – Book 3 @ Enchantment *
Book #2: Una – Book 3 (rotated) @ Enchantment *
Book #3: Una – Book 6 @ Enchantment *
Book #4: Una – Book 7 @ Enchantment *
Book Path: Una – Book small Path @ Enchantment *
Trees: LB_SeaAlmond{Seasons} @ LTD – The Event *
Bridge: Iron Garden Bridge Nature CHEZ MOI Lost & Found *

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 51

Event Dates:
Enchantment | 14 May – 31 May
The Thrift Shop | 8 May – 30 May
Lost & Found | 22 May – 1 June
Whimsical | 17 May – 8 June
The Dark Style Fair 3 | 14 May – 4 June
LTD – The Event | 12 May – 26 May