Taco Belle

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The opening of the first Taco Bell in The Netherlands is, in my opinion, the best thing that has happened in 2017 so far. The restaurant opened in the city of Eindhoven on April 4th and I, admittedly, have yet to pay a visit. Continue reading

I’ll be your daisy girl

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May seems to be a month filled with incredibly exciting events. Here’s a brief overview of two of the events I am featuring today:

6º Republic

6º Republic is a bi-annual decor and landscaping event with a diverse line-up of amazing designers. Each round’s theme is inspired by the architecture of real life locations.  Continue reading

Miss Easter

Miss Easter

Even though March has just begun, I am already preparing for Easter. All I need now is a cute pair of bunny ears and makeup, should have both of these somewhere in the mess called my inventory though. However, let’s not talk about the things I don’t have but about the things I do have. [read more…]

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