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Since it is the season of spooks and creeps, my dear friend Exis and I decided to dress up as vampires and visit a totally safe and not frightening graveyard in an attempt of finding a quick midnight snack. We were both very well aware of the important table rule; do not play with your food, but we simply couldn’t resist…

In all seriousness, I would like to thank Exis for inviting me to this vampy photoshoot. I had a wonderfully spooky time ♥

For Exis’s credits, please refer to her blog.

Hair: [Mello] Liquorice – Black Magic @ The Nightmare Event *
 Wicca’s Wardrobe – Samara Top @ We Love Roleplay *
Pants: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Samara Pants @ We Love Roleplay *
Armlet: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Samara Bracelet (upper arm)  We Love Roleplay *
Bracelet: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Samara Bracelet (lower arm) @ We Love Roleplay *
Shoes: Entice – Ka-Ching! Heels – Lights *
Head applier: *YS&YS* Warrior Tone VAMP Skin Applier @ We Love Roleplay *
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Pose: [ evoLove ] Milk & Coffee 1

Rekt & Violetility – Mausoleum @ We Love Roleplay *
[FD] Brick path Cracked @ We Love Roleplay *
LB_creepyspooky1 @ The Liaison Collaborative *
LB_WildGrass*1Li{Autumn} *

Event dates:
The Nightmare Event | October 1 – 31
We Love Roleplay | October 4 – 31
The Liaison Collaborative | October 7 – 30


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Friendship is a factor I have not always deemed important in my (Second) life. I always seemed to manage quite well on my own, so I talked myself into believing that having friends was not something I needed perse; though I always believed they were a great addition to my life. My beliefs have changed as I realized that the thought process I followed earlier was an attempt at comforting myself. I needed a way of telling myself it was okay to not have an arsenal of friends. Being the heavily introvert that I am, whose trust has been broken plenty in the past, I have always found it quite difficult to let new people into my life, until recently.

I had the pleasure of meeting many new and wonderful souls over the course of the last few months and honestly feel so grateful and blessed to be part of their lives, as they are a part of mine. Second Life has proven itself to be much merrier when spent with those who will listen to you, care for you and be there for you when need be, but can also put a smile on your face or have your stomach ache of laughter. Perhaps that is what my Second Life was missing all along; a friend who I could take horrendous selfies with, with a selfie stick of course, in an eerie satanic basement… ♥


On Chloë:

Mask: Eryx Mask by Rekt (previously @ We ❤ RP)
Hair: Chanmi. Currant by Oleander
Pose/Selfie Stick: Monopad Selfie (Girls) by Pose Maniacs
Dress: Ocullt – Collar Shift Dress by Abysus
Boots: Octavia Boots by SHEY

On Will:

Mask: Eryx Mask by Rekt (previously @ We ❤ RP)
Hair: Ash by Drot
Necklace: Broken Heart by Remarkable Olivion
Pose/Selfie Stick: Monopad Selfie (Guys) by Pose Maniacs
Tattoo: All Seeing by Speakeasy
Pants: Outre Leather Pants by .Shi
Boots: Patmos by Deadwool

Location: Ironwood Hills